Phase One


The redevelopment of Tabor Village is a multi-faceted, multi-year project that involves
many individual plans and activities that will unfold over the next decade.

Years 1-4 Sequence of Major Components

Engage Fraser Health

• Discussions with Fraser Health are already in progress

• The funding model ultimately agreed on will enable final financial plan


Complete negotiations of roadways from City of Abbotsford

• Existing roadways/access that belong to city need to be acquired


Complete architectural design & construction plans

• Field and Martin is facilitating work on final designs

• Hiring general contractor starts after final designs approved


Secure building permits from City of Abbotsford

• Rezoning application and Development Permit have been submitted to City of Abbotsford


Arrange construction financing

• With designs and approval in place, Tabor will use their equity in land as part of a solid

   financial plan to secure the construction financing required


Construction of new Complex Care Residence

• The 6-storey, concrete structure expected to be completed in two years of work


Furnishings & Technology for Residence

• Campaign funds enable purchase of required interior finishing and equipment

Phase Two


Years 5-7 Sequence of Major Components

Demolition and Removal of old complex care facility




Developing a plan to build and operate a new Independent Living Building

This would be a revenue generating facility, through Life Leases or similar plan

Develop and finalize the design of a new Independent Living building

Once completed, revenues generated from this new facility can eliminate equity debt used for the demolition and design costs in Phase II. The will enable plans to move ahead and complete the final phase of Transforming Tabor Village.

Once the new Campus of Care Residence becomes operational and residents in the existing Tabor Home move to the new building, planning can begin for the second phase in the transformation of Tabor Village will begin.

Phase Three


Tabor Village: A Resource for the Greater Community.

Looking ahead, well into the next decade, the vision for Tabor Village is a Campus of Care that offers a broad spectrum of lifestyle supports and living options for older adults, those living at Tabor Village and those living out in the greater Fraser Valley community.

The centerpiece is a Community Centre and Chapel complex that completes our vision for a healthy and vibrant Senior’s Village open to everyone in the community. The plan is for this complex to offer a wide range of professional, recreational, health-related, and other retail services that will enhance the quality of life for seniors and older adults.

Years 8-10 Sequence of Major Components

Architectural design of signature Community Centre and Chapel Complex

• Retail and professional services spaces will generate revenue

Finalize Business/Operations Plan and start marketing tenant space

• Securing commitments from tenants provides support for interim financing

Secure Financing to Construct Tabor Village Community Centre and Chapel

• Operations based on self-sustaining revenue, including Independent Living