Frequently Asked Questions

How many individuals and families are served at Tabor Village?

Nearly 300 seniors reside at one of four living options operated by Tabor Village. Their families are welcomed as part of the community of care that fosters independence and quality of life.

Should Tabor be building bigger? How great is the need for seniors' care or those facing dementia?

The number of seniors are increasing, as well as the number of people living with Alzheimer's Disease. By 2025 there will be three seniors for every two children in Canada. While more community based programs are provided, there is an increased need for purpose built residential care living options. The present bathrooms are not accessible by all.

How old is the present building? Why is there a need for a new building?

The current complex bed stock was built in the 60's and 70's for people in their 60's and 70's. The complex care building is not feasible to keep up with changing care guidelines.

What is being built and when is it scheduled to be built?

Architectural renderings show a multi-story complex care building based on the household model of care. The timeline building the new complex care community is between 2020-2022.

What is the benefit of Tabor constructing a community centre?

The community centre will focus on wellness and enhance the quality of life for individuals living at Tabor Village, as well as support the community for those that are aging. As a centre for the arts, education, health and wellness, volunteer involvement will be emphasized in all aspects of the new Tabor site. The Tabor community would be a "day centre" available for those seniors who still live in their own homes.

Why does Tabor have to fundraise to complete this project?

The current government capital funding for new complex care projects requires the operator to contribute a significant amount of capital. Funds raised in the capital campaign will be used for the redevelopment of the entire Tabor Village community which includes independent living and a senior's community centre.

How will Tabor have the ability to provide lower costs?

Efficiencies will be gained in the new Tabor complex care community through more efficient building layout allowing for improved work processes.

Will the government be involved financially in the project?

It is expected that Fraser Health will contribute an increased operational budget to support a portion of the capital expenditures.

Why isn't the government paying for this project?

Spending priorities are made by government and current funding allocations do not support the entire capital costs for seniors complex care buildings.

Why is it necessary to start fundraising right away?

With the timeline and cash flow projections, it is necessary to have funds to cover construction costs and reduce the burden of financing expenses.

Will any of the present Tabor residents be displaced during construction?

Tabor Village has purchased the houses in the centre of Sunrise Crescent which is the location of the new complex care building. Once it is completed, the seniors living in Tabor Home and Valhaven will move into the new building with no displacement required during construction.

If someone donates specifically to the Community Centre, will the funds be directed there?

Yes, donations made to the capital campaign may be designated to a particular area of need based on the preference of the donor.